Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jennie Löbel & Her Swing Kings

Some of you may know about 15 months ago I was trying to find a copy of Jennie Löbel & Her Swing Kings' out of print, limited printing first CD. I eventually contacted the band back home in Sweden to ask for advice because I loved DJing their music for dancers. Jennie wrote back to say she was surprised anyone was still interested in a 9 year old album, especially since their only other album was also 6 years earlier. We struck up a nice email correspondence in which she said she was never really completely happy with the sound of her vocals, which is partly why they hadn't recorded any new music since 2001. That just floored me because I particularly love her distinctive sound.

Their bass player ended up finding a spare copy of the CD in a box under his stairs, which he very kindly sent my way. A couple weeks later I got an email from Jennie saying she'd been inspired by my out of the blue email and had suggested the band head back into the studio since there appeared to still be some people interested in what they might record.

Imagine my elated surprise 20 minutes ago when I got an email from Jennie asking me to give her my post address again because they had a copy of their new album to send me.

It's amazing how simply acknowledging someone's talents with a kind word can truly make a difference in the world sometimes.

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